Hi and all !

I am Prakash. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in the department of Electronics and Communication from Anna University.

My family has laid emphasis on my personal growth and academic performances. As for my family i am the youngest one and i have three elder brothers.

My parents are teachers. My elder brother is a civil engineer and the next one is a physical director and my younger brother is a 3D Animator.

I am a passive listener. I tend to mingle with everyone easily. My strength is that i always stay cool at all situations as it is my weakness too. And i am humorous person in nature. I am a great lover of darkness as it gives pleasant environment to me. I may not put more time on my work but, I tent to give my throughput efficiently.

I am more passionate in direction and photography of films. My hobbies are watching experimental movies and listening music.

I am interested in  new web technologies. As a stepping stone to lead my career i got a chance to improve my vision over new web technologies web2.0 and Rich Internet Applications and to work in Adobe Flex with the help of ChipKidz, Tenth Planet Technologies.

Chipkidz offered me the chance to learn and earn using open source web2.0. Now i  seek to add my talents, skills, passion and strong work ethic to a company as a open source developer. I am looking forward to put my knowledge, ideas and  effort to build my career.

Thank you for visiting my blog…